Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

We colored eggs on Saturday.

Terri cooked Easter dinner this year.  She made cole slaw, ham , baked potatoes, salad, and green bean casseroles.  The girls woke up to a trail of eggs.  Katelinh was in her own room while Evalinh had slept in the guest bedroom with Jason all night.  Evalinh found her basket first, in her playhouse under a blanket.  Katelinh was a bit upset thinking she didn't get one this year until she found hers under her pink guitar on top of box with a blanket on top as well.  Evalinh's basket had a new bunny pillow pet, an Elmo DS game, a coloring book, markers, and crayons.  Katelinh's had a princess Yatzee game, a pair of brown shoes, 2 DVDs (Tangle and Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures ), and a Dora DS game. 

I got a new haircut, it's really short, almost like Victoria Beckham's bob and auburn highlights.  I really like it and Jason loves it.  It makes me look older and more sophisticated.  Mom and Dad doesn't like it so much. 

I baked all day and made little chow mein noodle nest with the girls, but Jason surprised me with a full tray of Tiramasu for desert.  It was so yummy there's only three slices left.

Katelinh's Kindergarten

Yesterday Katelinh went to her Kindergarten screening.  She did really good.  She knew all the upper case letters and only mixed up d and b of the lower case letters.  She counted to 20 and knew all her shapes.  She is really excited about going to a big kid school and we couldn't be more proud.  We celebrated by going to Red Robins.  We were also rewarding Joey for his good work at school.