Monday, December 24, 2012

Gingerbread Man

For this years holiday party Katelinh's class did readers theater

Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Thursday/Saturday

Kristy came into town this year and Scott was also able to make it.  Right off the bat we had to run to CVS before they closed sinec they decided to do their sale the of instead of Friday, we got whatever was left and was very please with it.  The next morning (Thursday) we had to get up early for Meijers, then CVS again, and last Walgreens.  We got home about 10 and the cooking started, we had to do an early dinner this year since all the sales started so early this year.  The turkey turned out beautiful this year.  At about 6:30 we left for Walmart for their 8 sale which really started at 7:55.  We were bing bam boom out of there and off to Target we went. We only had to stand in line for about 30 minutes and then again bing bam boom it was over with, it took us longer to load the car then it did to shop.  Next stop Toys R Us, this was probably the longest stop of the night from the line to get in to the line to pay.   We went home to pick up Terri, who was waiting to order a laptop from Dell online (which really started at 11pm not 12 so that was a bust). Kohls was pretty busy but I would say successful for me, not so much anyone else.  HOME, SLEEP, and then back up again (Friday ) for Meijer again and this time it was a lot harder but I'm glad we did because afterward I took Kristy back to Kohls and this time she was successful in finding a dress for her Christmas party.  She's going to look fabulous.  We got home and I got to sneak off to Target, Lowes, and Sears.  CHILLED and then up again (Saturday) for Meijer one last time and Old Navy, and then work.  I would say overall I got 95% of my Christmas shopping done this weekend, now for paying off all the bills.