Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our first refurbish

So it all started with a visit to Michigan to see Kristy's new house. She had the old owners leave their old furniture and she would get rid of what she didn't want. At first I didn't think that that was the best thing to do but boy was I wrong. I got there and there was a huge pile of stuff she wanted to yard sale and the first thing I saw were these old gold painted frames and the rest was history I was in temporary heaven. I got a bunch of other goodies a lot of things I was planning to tweak a bit for our house. There were also three out of shape pieces of old worn out small table dressers in the basement once used to store tools. I recently discovered my new interest in refurbishing stuff on pinterest do I thought that this was the perfect opportunity, it would be free and little enough for me to maneuver. So we packed it in the pilot and back to Ohio we went. I didn't tell Jason about it and wasn't planning to until it was done. I got my inspiration from this pin and my goal was to copy it exactly since it had such detailed instructions. I first sanded it down, follow by prime . Next was suppose to be the Sherwin Williams paint until I got slapped in the face with the price for a quart. $20 never did I ever think it would cost that much, I had to just deal with it and walk out of the store with no paint which turned out to be meant to because Katelinh and I ended finding the perfect color at Lowes got half the price. It's called slate green but it's definitely more of a gray. With that all picked out the painting was on. Next was the top which I was going to stain like the pin I was using for my inspiration. The only problem was the original top was in terrible condition so wanted to replace it. That's when I finally gave in and started asking for help from jason. Long story short we needed a router to get the job done that somehow led to a new drawer front and new front leg cover . So now our piece is made of cedar bones, pine top, oak body, and birch legs.

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