Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Bucket List

*Make Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon
*Make Tiramusu
*Make Creme Brulee
*Learn how to knit
*Finish a quilt (I mean finish, finish)
*Go on a road trip somewhere (Not one of my parent's road trip)
*Go to Paris, France
*Take my kids to Disney World
         ~Have dinner in Cinderella's castle
*Go to New York City
         ~Go to a Broadway Show
*Go to New York City for New Years Eve
*Go to Hawaii
*Have a 50th Anniversary
*Have a 75th Anniversary (That will make me 99 years old and Jason 100 so maybe not, who wants to be that wrinkly anyways)
*Have a fruit orchard
*Own a condo in Florida
*Ride a mechanical bull
*Have a glass of Champagne
*Read the bible and understand it
*Find peace and enlightenment in life
*Have a brunch (The real thing with food that you're suppose to eat at Brunch)
*Go to a live comedy Show
*Have a real Chanel purse
*Learn to play the piano
*Go on a Cruise
*Finish Grad school before Katelinh goes to into the 5th grade
*Go to Las Vegas for a grownup weekend
*Visit every state in the United States (not just drive through and airport stops don't count but actually planned attractions in every state)

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