Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unnecessary Violence

Yesterday there was a shooting in Arizona killing 6 people and causing 13 casualties.  Congress woman Gabrielle Gifford is still in critical condition from a bullet wound through the head and brain.  A federal judge was killed and a 9 year old little girl died for no reason.  No reason is ever acceptable for these acts of violence.  Who is ever to think that harming others to accomplish anything is a reason.  That little girl had a future and parents that will never be able to move on from this moment.  Nobody had the right to do this and no amount of punishment will make up for the death of these precious lives.  Any one of us could've been standing there and it could've been us or our love ones at any moment in time that this tragedy could occurr.  It makes you want to never leave your home but we will not let someone like this troubled person imprison us for the little bit of time we have with the ones we love on this earth and I only wish on him the pain he has caused to these innocent people and their families.  I know that nothing we can do will be equal to what he has done but he will in the next stage of life face his true judgement. 

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